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Sep 052013
Red Shed Door With Corner Block Design

Winterize your shed doors for trouble free access to your shed.

If you have recently purchased a new set of wooden shed doors to replace your existing ones, they have to be prepared properly to withstand the elements, especially in the winter or you’ll have the same problems that prompted you to buy new shed doors in the first place.RdShedDrsCornerBlocks

This advice also goes for new or old sheds; you have to take care of the doors or you’ll have problems!

Just about all new/replacement wood shed doors are not painted. Many come with the siding  primed but they still need to be painted along with the frame.

Many overlook the edges of the doors (and shed siding too) while a vast majority of door problems start with edges wicking up moisture and rotting the wood from the bottom up.

A heavy double coat of paint on all the edges of the doors paying particular attention to the bottoms will go along way keeping your doors in good shape. Caulk the top seams of any joint before painting and under no circumstance should the bottom of any seam be caulked which will trap moisture.

If your new shed doors are nailed or stapled together, check to see if screws were also used. The screws will keep the doors together after the staples or nails have become loose from use. If screws were not used, consider adding small wood screws. The screws need to be long enough to get through the siding and embed into the front (face) trim but not long enough to punch through. Look at the image; you want to screw in from the back of the door into the white trim pieces.

Corner blocks installed will go a long way in helping your doors stay together. Experiment a little with the size of the blocks. They can’t be big enough to block closing the door.

In summary:

  • paint both sides of the new shed doors including the bottom edges.
  • add screws to further strengthen the doors.
  • add corner blocks to keep the doors together.


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  1. I believe that the two doors are 30″ X 74″ each. I would like to have unpainted doors to replace them. Can you help?

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