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48 Inch x 72 Inch Replacement Shed Doors


Brand New 48″ Wide By 72″ High

Replacement Shed Doors

48"x72" wood shed doors

Standard Plain Corner Design

NOTE: Doors pictured are painted








You get :

Two- 24″ doors unpainted.

Siding-primed-engineered all wood – 25 year siding.

Trim-Cedar – 1″ x 3″.

(6) Black 6″ strap hinges w/ screws.

(2) Spring loaded loop style barrel bolts w/screws.

(1) Locking T-handle with 2 keys  w/screws.

(1) Door Brace w/screws

Easy to read and follow DIY how to instructions included with each door set purchase.





These doors are top quality.

We use 2 x 2′s on the back side of doors for

Superior Strength and to prevent warping.

We build them strong to last long!




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  4 Responses to “48 Inch x 72 Inch Replacement Shed Doors”

  1. I would like to order a 48 inch shed door. Please tell me how to do this.


  2. hi – how long to ship to zip 07450?

  3. Below itemization, it states that you get: 2 – 24″ doors unpainted. This of course equates to 2 doors totaling 48 inches. Being a female who is ordering and installing myself for the first time, I simply want confirmation that the cost does include 2 doors. I am sure this request sounds odd, but I want to be sure. Thanks guys!

  4. I ordered and received two windows and replacement doors. I have the hardware but not any instructions, guides or pictures. please send me the plans, thank you.

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