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Shed Door Rescue Kit


The Shed Door Rescue Kit contains full plans and easy to read step by step instructions to build new doors or renovate your existing shed doors no matter the size.

You will be amazed how great an old, beat up shed can look with minimal effort and cost.

If you are selling your home, the Shed Door Rescue Kit is a must have eBook.

Visit Amazon right now and purchase this eBook and get started on your shed doors.

You don’t have to have a Kindle. Amazon supplies apps for your Smart Phone, Pad, computer or laptop to read all their Kindle books.

You will be reading in just a few minutes!

You can get it here now.

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  1. […] will range in price from $299 for 48″ doors up to ab0ut $350 for 60″ doors. Using the shed rescue kit, doors can be renovated with new heavy duty hardware and a few trim pieces for a savings of over […]

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