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Oct 092012
Shed Doors that need replacing

New wooden shed doors will help beautify your barn


You have invested about $1250.00 for a small shed, about $2200.00 for a medium size shed and about $3500.00 for a larger shed.

I don’t know about you but to me,  that’s a lot of money. If you spent that kind of money on a car and one of your doors were smashed, you wouldn’t even think about it. You would fix it right away.

Why? Because number one it looks like hell and number 2 that’s what most of us do when things get smashed or break, we fix them.

If that’s the case, how come there are so many shed doors falling apart at the hinges, rotting from the bottom up or just look like they belong on Tobacco Road?

There is something about having a shed in the back yard out of site and out of mind.

Of course I sell shed doors and you could say I’m a little bias but the fact remains, your shed is a valuable piece of your property and should be kept in as good shape as your house. After all, they are built practically the same way, thus, a well kept shed will last a long time.

In summary, take care of your shed and protect the contents by repairing or replacing your shed doors.

I’ll talk about how next time out.



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